الثلاثاء، 12 يناير 2010

Our Little Precious Kids

When my sweet kids went to the park nearby with their daddy...and I finished off cooking the lunch :), I just remembered this little boy I've seen as a patient..

A cute little boy...didn't give me much attention,,, nor looked at anyone else..He was hyperactive, and with delayed communication skills..

At the age of three.. He didn't have any kind of communication with mom or dad.. or anyone.. He had no friends. "But" he had no history of any medical or social problem?

His father was bringing him to the clinic,, and didn't have any worries, because as he said 'the boy is very attentive when he watches cartoons,, can stay the whole day in front of the television', actually he bought this small TV or whatever they call it and fixed it in the car so he'd have further enjoyments in his own world when they're out!

The parents were happy that he'd sit in front of the TV quietly, echoing whatever he sees on TV, not knowing that they are missing the best part of the child's life, and depriving him from gaining skills he needs to communicate with others they way he should at this age.

TV has never been a teacher nor a parent especially for a child whose brain is still developing.. It decreases his attention skills, making him more aggressive and less vocal.

Why would I deprive myself from the best moments I can share with my kids and form a strong bond with them..

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